Saturday, February 4, 2012

Two Quick Card Sets

For February 2nd and February 3rd, I have two sets of multiple cards, which I am counting each for one day since they were super quick and used the same design for all the cards in each set.

First, some simple Valentine cards:

These are all square kraft cards, layered with patterned paper, and topped with these really cool laser cut felt hearts that came to me as leftover Christmas ornaments languishing in the 70%-off clearance bin after the holidays.  I knew they would make cool Valentines, but had been staring at them for weeks trying to figure out how best to attach felt to cards.  I tried to use spray adhesive, reluctantly, because I hate how messy it is but figured it was the only thing that would give sufficient yet invisible coverage.  Fortunately, my very old can (I told you I hate to use it!) didn't work anymore.  Then I hit on the idea of cutting off the thread hangers and replacing them with brads to hold the hearts onto the cards.  That way after Valentine's Day the heart can be removed and hung with thread or ribbon to be a decoration, or even an ornament for next year's Christmas tree.

Once I figured that out, it was quick work to make six cards, three with red hearts (all using the same gold-foiled background paper from SandyLion) and three with hot pink hearts (using the text background paper from Flair and an old scrap of striped paper of unknown origin).

Making the square cards left me with six 3.5" x 11" strips of kraft cardstock.  I tried folding them vertically and it turns out that size strip makes a smaller 3.5" x 5.5" card that fits into a standard envelope of the sort used to pay bills.

I decided to make a set of cards to send to my sis with her birthday card and whipped these up using Basic Grey papers, image and text stamps from the Stampin' Up Mini Mates set, and a tag and miniature heart punch.  After finishing the cards I added envelopes and bound the set with another strip of Basic Grey paper, and was able to get the package in the mail today.

Here's what they looked like:

A closer look:

The whole set, ready to send off:

It was really fun working with this unusual card size, I think I will be returning to it!

Happy Saturday, and thanks for looking!

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